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World Health Day

WHO and other related organizations have chosen the 7th of April world health day in 1948.

Since the past and in the modern world, health is one of the most important requirements of human lives.

Human health

There are two kinds of health-related to a human:

  •  mental health
  • physical health

This year because of the pandemic situation of coronavirus (COVID-19) our health has faced a health challenge.

this challenge is the biggest for both humans and animals in the past 100 years.

Although without pandemic of this virus, and before that human health situation is not in the ideal level world widely. Unlike some developed countries and developing countries that are working so hard for their health system and even existence of the WHO (World Health Organization) and lots of efforts of educated people for awareness and helping uneducated persons, still, there is a long way to prepare health for all people in the globe.

Dependence of the whole of human exigencies makes us think about how we can bring health to human lives, when still we have so many aspects of unhealthy hobbies, mentally or physically.

According to the name using the world instead of humans they had the bigger goal for this day.

Importance of world health day:

The importance of this day is not only to prepare health for the human.

also prepare it for everybody and everything, the whole of the creations who are living on this planet such as human, animal, environment, and …

As we know the health of the world is really necessary for humans and animals.

Also and as we see like another contagious disease between humans and animals same as HIV, COVID-19 and another disease which human has been faced and fight against till now.

And even sickness of the world the same as air pollution and so on, all of them are like a related chain.

And we should have them all to say that the world is completely free of any physical diseases.

But as long as we are living, and we are improving, and we are using a lot of industries, and we are making a lot of pollution in the world, and making world and environment and animals sick, all of these actions are coming back to us.

world health day 2020

world health day 2020


Health definition:

Health defines something above the current meaning that we know and use.

It is the end of all goodness and happiness in the world.

A peaceful life is for all to prevent any hogtie in anyone’s life.

Pure meaning of happily ever after for all. Establishing health around the world should be for everyone.

And is not possible until the time there is no violence, war, tragedy, and colonizing in social ranges and individuals.

Despite lots of efforts for rescuing world health, still we have huge challenges in front.

This year according to the note of WHO (World Health Organization)  world health day in 2020 especially has been dedicated to the nurses, and physicians, and curing crew for everything that they have done, and sacrificed to fight against COVID-19 and saving people lives.

I hope to celebrate the day without any disease with the complete health situation for people in the world.

Author and SEO editor: Samane Nobakhti

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