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There are many reasons to choose Iran for health care since Iran offers you a number of excellent medical options along with a treasure trove of natural and historical attractions which makes it the best vacation destination. Some of these reasons are as follows:

Medical education and treatment in Iran :

The government has invested heavily in the development and promotion of traditional and modern medicine, and numerous academic disciplines with diverse tendencies in Iran’s top universities are providing qualified and dedicated professionals in the field of health and wellness.
Due to the considerable number of specialists and medical centers, there is no waiting list for foreign clients and the latest equipment in the world is used in these facilities. One of the strongest points of health tourism in Iran is providing the best quality of services to patients in the shortest time.
In addition, Iran is one of the leading countries in the world in various fields including stem cell research.

Equipped hospitals (The best and cheapest clinics) :

In Tehran alone, there are dozens of first-rate hospitals that provide the best possible health care to patients. A significant number of Tehran’s first-rate hospitals have set up their IPD & VIP (International and Special) departments in the past decade, providing specialized and customized services to patients. These facilities use modern equipment and the professional and ethical principles of treatment are in place.

First-class nurses, Physicians and Surgeons in Iran :

Due to the importance of medical education and training in Iran, the number of physicians and surgeons in Iran is very high and the competition in scientific and academic progress in Iran has made the leading people succeed in this path and enter the first-class workplaces and hospitals of Tehran. These specialists have significant work experience and volume of referrals throughout the year, making them highly experienced and providing the highest quality and first-level treatment to the patient after the best diagnosis.

Much lower cost of treatment and recovery in Iran:

One of the unpleasant effects of the sanctions on Iran has been the decline in the value of Iranian rails against foreign currencies. While such a downturn has been severe for the Iranian economy, it has provided foreign tourists with the best opportunity to travel to Iran and receive the same quality or even better health care at a much lower cost than other countries. The reason for the cheapness of Iran for foreigners is the high value of international currencies such as the dollar and the Euro compared to the Iranian rial, otherwise the cost of operations is high for Iranians themselves, so the cost of first-line treatment in Iran maybe 70% lower compared to European countries for foreigners; this makes Iran the cheapest place to receive high-quality surgeries.

For example, nose surgery in Iran is 10 million tomans (USD $900), while the same surgery in the US itself is about $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.

visit Iran for health not only treatments :

There are all sorts of natural and historical and cultural attractions. There are many tourist destinations for nature tourism in Iran. Most importantly, Iran can offer many options in the field of health tourism, including nature tourism, water treatment (natural hot and cold mineral springs), Sludge Therapy, Sand Therapy, and Salt Therapy.
In addition, during your stay, you can enjoy Iranian cuisine, because unlike fast foods, Iranian cuisine is cooked according to homemade instructions which makes it worthy to try at least once. Moreover, Iranians are known for hospitality, that’s why Iran has always been among the best countries in the world to visit.

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