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When deciding on getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as lamination, a series of questions may come to your mind. This article tries to answer all the important questions .

Who are the candidates for dental lamination?

To form and integrate the teeth of those with asymmetrical appearance who have stains, cracks, gaps, , that is the distance between their teeth is too high, veneers can be used. So If the edge of a tooth is broken or the effects of cracking are observed, dental lamination can be a good treatment. Modify smile design as per client request.
This method is also useful for minor corrections to the front teeth and tilting the teeth.
Those who have bad color,This discoloration may be due to cigarette smoking, food intake, excessive coffee drinking and tooth decay or partial nerve impingement.

Who is not suitable for tooth lamination?

Those who have extensive caries on their teeth.
In this case, dental ceramic and dental composite lamination will be postponed until after their caries or gums infections are resolved.

Those who have severe tooth enamel erosion and their enamel tissue are insufficient. For these types of people, it is better to use dental crowns instead of lamination.
In people who clench or grind their teeth, this habit can cause the veneer to break and damage it over time. However by using the Knight Guard (Dental Protector) at knights teeth reduce the effects of other damaging oral habits. This way they can also benefit from laminate

Do the teeth are shaved during the dental veneer?

The tooth preparation prior to lamination(veneer) depends on the initial shape of the tooth. In some cases no shaving is required but in some cases shaving is required. In general in this method, a very small volume of teeth is shaved .

What is the main difference between dental lamination (ceramic veneered )and composite lamination?

Ceramic laminates are more resistant than composites. The color stability is higher in ceramic laminates and, in principle, they have a more beautiful appearance. Composite laminates have less color stability, and their main advantage over ceramic laminates is the cheaper price and lower tooth shave.

What is the difference between dental lamination(Veneer) and dental crowns?

One of the major differences between veneers and crowns is the amount of surface coverage of each tooth. The veneers cover only the front surface of the tooth. They are very thin and generally have a thickness of 1 mm or less. Crowns generally surround the entire tooth (a crown covers the entire surface of the tooth and at the time of its installation, a much greater amount of tooth is shaved compared to the veneer). Usually the thickness of the crowns is 2 mm or more.

What happens to the teeth after the veneers are installed in the dental laminate (Veneer) process?

The shape and size of the teeth are only slightly manipulated. If the veneers are regularly brushed and Dental floss is used, there is no chance of an increase in caries. In general, it is best to keep your sugar intake and to limit it to meals at the same time to prevent tooth decay.

How long do veneers last?

Veneers can last from seven to twenty years. The veneers themselves are not alive and they are unchanged, while teeth attached to them and the surrounding gingival tissue are alive and well, and can be changed. For example, retraction of the gingival line causes root surfaces to appear. Generally, if a veneer is removed, it can be re-attached to the tooth. If the veneer is chipped, it can sometimes be repaired and otherwise it should be replaced.

What to do if your porcelain veneer cracks or breaks?

If the basics of choosing a patient for veneer treatment are properly considered, the likelihood of veneer breaking is greatly reduced but not eliminated. Because throughout the life of the patient, veneer plays a vital role. The patient should avoid certain dietary habits such as biting hard foods, chewing ice, and so on to extend the life of the treatment. But if the composite or ceramic laminate is chipped, it can be repaired with a fiber composite.

What is post-dental lamination care?

Oral hygiene is generally required for any dental restorative treatment, but extra caution should be exercised when using piezo-electric tooth whitening devices while having veneer in addition to the hygiene principles. Some fluoride-containing mouthwashes also have a negative effect on the laminate. Therefore, you should consult with your dentist before using mouthwash.

What is the reason for changing the laminate edge color?

The color change of the laminate edge over time is highly dependent on the color material used by the individual. Tea, coffee, smoking, and hookah, for example, may change the edges of the teeth over time. It can be prevented by reducing the chance of color changing by reducing the usage or consumption of these things . This color change or staining is less common in dental ceramic veneers than in dental composite veneers. Also, the type of ceramic veneer and tooth composite used for treatment and their quality affect this staining. More expensive materials change color much later than the cheap ones.

it is possible that the laminated teeth become sensitive?

After tooth lamination, like all other restorations, at first the sensitivity for eating too hot or too cold foods is observed. But after a short time this sensitivity disappears.
In case of further questions do not hesitate to contact us and receive a free consultation from our skilled doctors.

Author:Maryam Shiani


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