A wellness tourist is a person who seeks relaxation and travels to escape the tensions and anxieties of daily life. Such tourists also intend to rejuvenate and improve their health without the intervention and supervision of a physician. Such tourists typically suffer no particular physical illness, and they mostly seek to benefit from the healing power of nature and escape the tensions, anxieties, pollution, and bustle of daily life. One of the most important attractions and privileges of Iran for wellness tourism are therapeutic waters, to such an extent that there are currently more than one thousand mineral springs in Iran. Other attractions of wellness tourism include desert, jungle, mountain, and coastal villas and hotels. Relaxing spa, nail and beauty services, and massage therapies are other facilities that people can enjoy in the acme of relaxation and tranquility in a clean and healthy environment. The use of hot springs and mineral waters dates back thousands of years ago so that in the books of famous people, such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Plato, there are materials in this regard. Due to their minerals and specific properties, hot springs can cure many skin diseases and muscle aches and remove germs and bacteria of the body. It's interesting to know that the caloric intake of a one-hour rest on 40-degree water is equal to a half-hour walk. This treatment is scientifically called inactive warming up, and it is prescribed for those who fail to have considerable physical activity. In this method, your blood sugar and weight also decrease. However, the healing properties of hot and mineral water springs depend on the physical and chemical conditions as well as the temperature and various radioactive gases of the water in hot springs. Important Iran's hot springs include:
Hot Spring in Ilam Water temperature: 50 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of rheumatic diseases, sensitivity, boil, sores, bone fractures, and bruising Formation: Due to the existence and ebullition of oil and gas resources Beauty: Gorgeously beautiful Location: 3 km from Dehloran city on the slope of Siah Kuh (Black Mountains), in the vicinity of Khofash Cave (Bat Cave) Facilities: Recreational complex and mud therapy pools Warning: Due to the presence of high sulfur in the water, those who have heart problems should avoid using this spring.

Hot Spring in Bushehr Water temperature: The average water temperature is between 35-40 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of skin, infectious, neurological diseases, and even leprosy and various diseases, such as arthritis and sciatica Formation: Due to the landslide mostly occurring near volcanoes Location: 63 km from Bushehr-Bandar Abbas road, near the city of Ahram Facilities: Two swimming pools and 10 bathrooms.

Hot Spring in Markazi Province It includes six springs, namely Shafa, Donbeh, Soleymanieh, Rheumatism, Hakim, and Soda, Water temperature: 50 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of gout, rheumatism, gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary-renal, and skin diseases Formation: Due to deep hot waters that result from the burning stones in the earth's crust and reach the surface of the earth. Location: 15 kilometers to the northeast of Mahallat County Facilities: Motels, private bathroom, tourist hotels. Warning: Patients with heart and pulmonary diseases should avoid using this hot water.

Hot Springs in Mazandaran: Water temperature: Average temperature, Therapeutic benefits: Due to the lack of sulfur, the water is drinkable and has no unpleasant odor Location: Tonekabon, after 15 km from Do Hezar road, Lyre Sar village Facilities: River and cold water spring, as well as the massive forests and tree-covered mountains Note: This area has cool weather and is very pleasant in the warm seasons.

Ghale Kandy
Hot Springs in East Azarbaijan Water temperature: 75-80 ° C in the spring, and 65-70 ° C in swimming pools, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of rheumatic diseases (this spring is highly recommended by orthopedic physicians) Location: On the road of Ardabil, Parsabad, Qale Kandi.

Hot Springs in Mazandaran: The biggest hot springs of Iran Iron-rich, Water temperature: 61 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of all types of skin diseases, joints, and bone pains, and rheumatism, Location: On the road of Haraz and almost in the middle of Amol-Tehran road.

Hot Spring in Lorestan: Water temperature: 60 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Healing of chronic pain, Location: 60 km from west of the city of Noor Abad, between the two mountain ranges of Gale and Sefid-Kuh.

Hot Spring in Ardabil: Water temperature: 44 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of motor system diseases, hand and foot pains, joint pains, and neurological diseases, Location: 52 km from Ardebil, Facilities: Apart from the hot spring, there are also two cold water pools and carbonated water that can be drunk.

Ardebil Province
Thermal Spring in Mazandaran: Water temperature: 60 ° C, Therapeutic properties: Treatment of skin diseases, chronic wounds, rheumatism, respiratory diseases, and, nervous system disorders, Location: the Rhine, Haraz road, after Pol Bridge, 3 km after Ab Ask village, Facilities: There are suites for rent near the spring.

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