At the present time, the only way to treat and repair lost hair is to use natural hair transplantation. Suggested in 1939 for the first time by the Japanese doctor Dr. Okuda, hair transplantation was materialized by the German doctor Dr. Orentriech. One of the different types of hair transplantation include:
Follicular unit transplantation:
the most commonly used method for hair surgery is the layer or strip surgery method (FUT). In this method, a large section is taken from the donor area, and then the dissection process is performed so that hair follicles are extracted by technicians and hair transplant team. In the end, the area of cut is stitched up and the grafts of the hair are planted to the front or back of the head.
Advantages of FUT:
transplanting hair in a single session. Creating a suitable density in people with high balding rate and the high probability of transplants
Disadvantages of FUT:
there is a risk of scarring on the back of the head; lower volume of hair supply in such a way that person’s hair supply can be barely used for creating density for one time or two times at its best in the following stages of hair transplantation; hemorrhage; head and face swelling and postoperative pain. This method is not suitable for those whose scalps are not stretchy enough or those who are in their early stages of hair loss.
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