One of the different types of hair transplant include:
Follicular Unit Extraction:
As for hair restoration by the FUE technique, a special tool is used to extract follicular units of hair; the tool should enter the outermost layer of the skin exactly in a point deep beneath the hair straightening muscle. As the structure is cut off, grafts are removed intact, and of each graft, a number of 1 to 5 strands of hair are extracted. This technique has a higher density than other techniques. It allows for the maximum extraction of grafts a day. With a high precision in selecting follicular groups for hair transplantation, the technique is fit for hair transplantation in appropriate loading areas of the recipient site, as there is no such a possibility for FUT and SUT techniques.
Advantages of FUE hair restoration:
it is the most advanced method of hair transplant in the world. The result is the appearance of fully natural planted hair. The area of hair harvesting for transplant on the back of the head is invisible. The skin of the hair transplantation area is fully natural and without depression or prominence. There is a possibility of gaining the highest density of hair transplantation in a single session. The most natural hairline growth is created to the front of the head compared to other similar methods of hair transplantation. There is also the possibility of body hair (chest and shoulder) in order to perform hair transplantation on the head, if necessary. It is possible to repeat or continue hair transplantation treatment sessions at the 6-month interval or even a 4-month interval in order to complete the coverage of the bald area or make the area thicker. Restoration of a person’s thin head hair is possible with supplementary sessions if needed. The desired result is obtained as soon as possible. There would be no need for recovery time after hair transplantation due to outpatient treatment. It is possible to provide a hair growth rate of up to 200% more than previous practices od transplantation, which offers a more natural and indistinguishable look. It provides the ability to create the most unique and natural hairline growth for your physician.

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