Combined hair transplantation:
it is a modern method of hair transplantation, which is used to obtain a better result by combining FIT with the FUT method. In this method. A larger number of grafts are planted for greater density. In the combined hair transplantation, if your physician has enough experience, no effect of the surgery will remain. Because of combining two techniques in this operation, a greater number of hair strands can be planted in the shortest possible time, the hair supply of the person applicant for hair transplantation is used at its best. The application of this technique is advisable when the person’s baldness level is high. The professionalism of the transplantation team is highly significant in order for the operation to yield the best result if a large number of grafts are removed from the individuals’ hair supply. In the case of the failure to get the optimal result, the odds of restoration is very low due to the over-weakening of hair supply. As for hair transplantation in a combined method, we have to bear in mind the depth and angle of transplantation in order to get the best result. In this method, grafts of single hair strand should be planted to the frontal section of the head, and grafts of multiple hairs in the middle of the head.
Advantages of combined hair transplantation:
it is the most reliable and cost-effective method for extended hair transplantation or very extended hair transplantation; spending the minimum time (depending on the quality of the donor area, spanning 15 to 20 minutes for harvesting of each number of graft), which is equal to 3000 to 9000 follicles or hair strands. An increase by 30% in the volume of patient’s hair density following hair transplantation.
A good candidate for combined hair transplantation:
  1. the patient is recommended to use combined hair transplantation whenever the treatment of advanced baldness pattern requires over 4000 grafts because the grafts obtained by this technique are more than those obtained from either FIT or FUT method.
  2. the patient has no problem at all about the treatment by FIT or FUT; e.g., feeling no discontent about head shaving.
  3. the hair supply of the back of the head is at least 7 to 10 cm in size. The patient has to have the least size of hair supply at the back so that 2 cm of his hair can be harvested and the rest can be removed by FIT technique as well.
  4. patients with asthma or excessive obesity or elderly patients who are unable to incessantly lie on their abdomen for about one hour.
  5. if the candidate for the combined method is picked wisely, it will be a good technique. For instance, combined technique is pointless for patients with temple hair loss, because either of the methods, FIT or FUT, can alone yield the same result; or the combined method just spoils the patient’s hair supply on the back of his head as the height of his hair supply on the back is 5 about cm, which strips him of the chance to get two FUT treatments with 1-year interval as the practice best suits the patient.
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