Lip Enhancement:

Full lips are one of the facial beauty measures welcomed by so many people nowadays. Although some people naturally have full lips, but many others yearn to have such lips.
The Lip augmentation methods are as follows:
  • Lip Prosthesis
    The lips are a muscular organ with the ability to contract and dilate. The size of the lips in laughing mode is twice as large as the puckering state. Also, the shape of the lips constantly changes while speaking. This feature of lips is not seen in other organs that the prostheses are used for them. On the other hand, no prosthesis has been produced so far that can contract and expand like the lips. Based on the above, one can realize that why the number of applicants for lip prosthesis is not large. Although the lip prosthesis procedure can easily be done with local anesthetic and does not cost much, but people who use such prostheses complain that their lips are abnormal while laughing and talking. This makes then to remove the prosthesis after a while.
  • Injection of Gel or Filler
    This method is the most popular solution for lip augmentation nowadays. Different gels are used for this procedure. However, the most common type of gel used is hyaluronic acid. It is available in different concentrations with different brands. Hyaluronic acid dissolves soon within the body. However, larger molecules are provided with new technologies, which decompose later. If the injection of the gel is done correctly and uniformly, the lips become full and prominent in the best form and look natural while laughing and talking as well. Lips asymmetry and visible lumps are the complications caused by injecting all kinds of gels. Some gels move or cause abscesses; but these states are less seen in the case of hyaluronic acid. In general, the gel with the minimum complications for lip augmentation is hyaluronic acid with a low concentration, which works and lasts from 3 to 6 months. However, the cost is high due to the need for frequent injections at short intervals and patients prefer to use more concentrated gels to make it more affordable. Remember that you should avoid to inject a large amount of gel into your lips. The more injected the volume of the gel is, the greater the likelihood of seeing the roughness and lumps will be in the lips after the injection. If you have very thin lips, a lower volume of gel can be injected into your lips than typical people to prevent the creation of roughness and lumps.
  • Fat Injection
    In this method, fat from a part of the body is removed and injected into the lips to enlarge the lips. Since fat is from the same body tissue, the risk of infection following the injection is very low. But the swelling remains long time after fat injection and shaping the lips with this method cannot be well performed as with the gel injection. Although some people claim that fat injection has a temporary effect, this is not the case and it has a permanent effect. The permanence of the effect of fat injection depends largely on the injection method and the physician's skill.
  • Lip Surgery
    There are numerous methods for lip augmentation. The surgical method has a permanent durability and is the best choice for those with very thin lips. Injection of a large amount of gel in the very thin lips is associated with many complications and does not satisfy the patient, while these lips are well marked by surgical procedure and a desired transformation can be made in them.
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