Chin Enhancement:

The harmony between chin and facial features makes the face more beautiful. When looking at a person’s profile, chin should be a little back in proportion to lower lip. The effect and status of different portions of face, particularly the effect of chin and nose, on one another is unavoidable. It is possible that the chin has a normal position, but the upper jaw may be too projected or the lower jaw may be too recessive. Accordingly, surgeon should have sufficient knowledge about science of aesthetics as well as sufficient experience and knowledge of surgery so that he can opt for the best treatment practice by thoroughly evaluating the position of the chin and considering its relation to upper and lower jaw and other features of the face, particularly nose. The goal of mentoplasty is to fix problems like chin enlargement, crooked chin, excessively receding chin (bird face), wide chin, projected chin, elongated chin, and deformity of chin. To change the shape of the chin, it is possible to inject your gel or fat for your desired result, but if the problem is critical, you need to undergo a surgery for a desired result; it is accomplished by chin augmentation or prosthetic, chin recession or projection. You can have the surgery under general anesthesia or local numbness or you are given sedatives and intravenous medications.
The operating-room time depends on the version of the operation from 30 minutes to two hours, in that the patient is directly taken care of in the recovery ward from 15 minutes prior to the operation to 1 hour after. She will be discharged from the surgery ward, after six hours returning to the ward.
The surgery is performed in two ways:
  • Intraoral method: with a small incision through the mouth, between the gum and lower lip, the tissue on the bone is excised and the lower part of the bone is cut and held in a suitable place, or your chosen prosthesis is used for that matter.
  • Outside of the mouth: the area of incision is on the normal chin skin, beneath the chin. The surgeon lifts up the soft tissue of the bone, slides the prosthesis into place, fixes it and suture the incision. The scar on the normal chin disappears and is not visible.
It should be noted that if chin surgery is performed with double chin and neck suction, you get a better result.
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