Gastric Bypass:

This type of bariatric surgery depends on reducing calories absorption by creating some changes in small intestine and stomach. After the surgery, the food you eat won’t meet some part of your stomach and small intestine that absorb calories and you pass on a number of calories. You should be in general anesthesia. In a gastric bypass, your stomach also gets smaller. Actually it will be divided into two parts; One small part and another will be larger. And the food you eat goes and fills the small top part. In this very small part of your stomach can be placed just 28(gr) food. So you feel full soon and it makes you lose weight. The second action is the bypass. Bypass means that the specialist joins that upper smaller part of your stomach to a part of your small intestine and this procedure make your body absorb fewer calories. The whole of this surgery takes 2-4 hours. Gastric bypass can be performed in two ways: open surgery that is accompanied by a big incision in your abdomen or laparoscopically way that uses a camera that is placed in your abdomen and it’s called laparoscope and shows staffs under your skin. The benefits of laparoscopy are a low risk of infection, less recovery and hospitalized time, fewer scars and etc.

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