The Adjustable Gastric Band:

This is one way of decreasing the stomach’s sizes. The procedure is that a gastric band is transplanted around your stomach and near the top of that. So you eat until the top small part becomes full. Moreover, you get less food and calories and it makes you lose weight rapidly. After filling the top part of your stomach you feel full and stop eating. But the food starts to leaking into under part and then it digests normally. One noticeable point is that the hole is created by a gastric band is able to tight more or less over time. This action is performed by inflating and deflating of the balloon is existing in the gastric band. Inflating is performed with adding saline. This adjustment is done in-office easily. Also, it can be removed. This ability may cause coming back to the extra weight that had been removed. This surgery is done for a patient with BMI (Mass(Kg)/height*height(m)) over 35 or patient with BMI between 30-35 with some other problem like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes and etc. This surgery is often outpatient. After the surgery, the patient is recommended to go on a healthy diet and exercise regularly to prevent getting fat again. According to surveys, 80% of patient undergo this surgery had 40% to 60% losing excess weight. Also, they achieve life expectancy significantly. You may experience temporary vomiting or losing hair. And it’s not a suitable choice for addicts or someone who has stomach disorder. A patient who had gastric band surgery has a higher amount of risk and side effect if he/she wants to undergo gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

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