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December 1, 2019
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December 12, 2019
Breast cancer is in the second place in terms of frequency after Skin cancer ;therefore ,it’s important to take breast cancer seriously and try to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by considering the effect of following preventive factors in addition to regular examinations.

Weight control for breast cancer prevention

Overweight and obesity are one of the main causes of breast cancer at an early age. Studies have shown that overweight after menopause was specifically the additive factors of breast cancer. The fat tissue is secondary source of the production of estrogen hormone in the body, so after the ovaries fail working ,having extra fat tissue leads to producing estrogen hormone higher than normal level which increases the chance of breast cancer. 

Being overweight 5 to 10 kg is not as concerning but keeping weight in the natural range is not only preventing breast cancer, but also many other types of cancer can be prevented. adherence to healthy diet ,performing athletic activities is very effective in achieving balanced weight. 

Continuous Physical Activity on Breast Cancer Prevention

Physical activity is essential to maintaining good health. Evidence suggests that physical activity plays a special role in reducing the risk of breast cancer. The higher the physical activity, the lower the risk ,Moreover the slope of risk reduction is directly related to the continuity, intensity, and duration of the exercise.
prevention of breast cancer
prevention of breast cancer

Prevention of breast cancer by quitting smoking

According to the American Cancer Society research released ,the link between smoking and breast cancer is statistically significant, but the scientific evidence is not reliable. Research shows that smoking, especially if started at a young age, increases the likelihood of getting cancer. Tobacco is usually checked with alcohol. The high impact of tobacco use on lung cancer is undeniable, and cigarette makers are required to indicate this risk on the cigarette pack.

Prevention of breast cancer by controlling menopausal complications with non-hormonal therapy

Hormone therapy is one of the most well-known ways to supply estrogen to the body after the ovaries fail. This treatment is designed to reduce the annoying symptoms of menopause and its health problems, such as osteoporosis. But treatment with the hormone estrogen-progesterone combination for more than three to five years has a significant effect on the increased risk of breast cancer.

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