type of nose for surgery
Type of nose for surgery
January 4, 2020
revision nose surgery
Reasons For Revision Nose Surgery
January 11, 2020
The purpose of plastic surgery is to eliminate the nasal deformity as far as possible and to make the appearance of the nose seem as ideal and standard as possible;However, differences in people's tastes and surgical trends have caused a great deal of variation in the desired final shape of the nose after surgery.

Various models for nose in Iran

Natural Model

Of course, the natural model does not mean keeping some of the initial defects of the original nose, but it means fully matching the nose with other parts of the face .After nose surgery of this type candidates will not have obvious surgical characteristics like stitches scars, very small nostrils .In other words, if people see the patient's nose after surgery, they will not notice that they have had nose surgery. In normal nose surgery, only the appearance of the nose can be resolved, and the tip of the nose will not become narrow or upright. Also, the most important feature of a normal nose is the lack of curve on the nose. This model of nose shape is more suitable for men and men like it more.

Fantasy Model (Barbie/Dolly Nose)

In Fantasy nose surgery, the nose is shaped smaller than usual, the tip of the nose is raised toward up and the bridge of the nose is curved; the fantasy nose may look completely artificial because the dorsum of the nose is too curved or the tip of the nose is too upwards makes the nose completely out of its normal form. Dolly nose size may also do not fit with other parts of the face and may seem abnormal. But despite all of this, it is popular and requested by many women.
The dolly nose is not suitable for every faces so women who want to have fancy nose surgery should consider their facial shape.

Semi Fantasy Model

The Semi-fancy nose is a combination of the natural nose and the fancy nose. In this model, the arc created is less than the fancy nose which makes the nose less curved than the fancy Models , and overall this nose is suitable for people who do not tend to have a natural nose but do not like fancy nose as well.


The angle between the nose and upper lip should be 90 -100 degrees in the natural nose model ,If the angle reaches 105 degrees, the nose will look fancy. Noses with angles above 105 degrees look very artificial

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