Our Team

Dr Ghasem Nobakhti


Chairman, share holder,bachelor and master of science in industrial engineering from science and industrial university of tehran, PHD of automation from Islamic azad university, previous general manager of nasim salamat khatam company, ex-manager of Gas suzan co, project manager of Qom Mega Hospital, he was manager of POGC between 1995-2010. He also Established and operate most successful Brand and factories. Theorist in Automation science and technology, One of the most famous influencer in medical industry in iran and middle east. Records of engaging many NGOs for providing healthcare for low budget families. Genius Manager with a bright resume, Respectful Husband, Father and human activist.

Eng Hesamedin Khosrowjerdi

Chief executive officers

General Manager (5years), Entrepreneur, strategic marketing 10 years, staring job as Commercial specialist of NBPco on 2008, staring commercial management in medical industry from 2010 until now, export an import different categories of product in middle east south asia, east asia and east africa. engaging to more than 30 world exhibitions and high rank conferences in different countries. Brand management, finance, operations, philanthropist, Bachelor of science in biomedical engineering, bioelectric specialist, (10 years experiment in commercial and economical activities around the world),Interest in charities, peace, environment, family and God.

Eng Samaneh Nobakhti

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer, co-founder, technical manager, biomedical engineer ( bachelor of science), bio electric specialist, interior designer, researcher, ISO 9001-2015 basics and fundamentals holder, 4 years of experiment in biomedical engineering, she got certificate of medical tourism specialist, she used to design and developed alternative business culture regards east african countries with one year practical operation in kenya, study world different cultures and finding easy solutions for them is what she so professional in it. idealist, perfectionist, logical, smart, gracious, creative, wife, mommy, zoophilous, animal lover and supporter, philanthropist, humanitarian, tourism lover, friend of enviroment, opposition to racism, lover of the world without borders ”human beings are members of a whole / in creation of one essence and soul”. ( SAADI , Persian poet, thirteen century AD )

Drs Sepide Nadi


Physician, GP, Occupational Medicine, graduated with high GDP on 2002 from Tehran University, she became technical manager of Abadan health care system from 2002-2004. From 2004 until 2007 she was Occupational Medicine manager in tehran after she got first place in health ministry exams and she got her certificate. She start her career as GP in Iranian Hospital in Dubai on 2007, She Successfully passed Gino France cosmetics beauty courses, she also engaged to many congress and conferences in US, Europe and middleeast. She was main or partner in many Scientific Papers. Professional physician which always engaged in charities, anti war activist, executive doctor with many years of experiences. Interest in humanity. Wife, Mother

Somaye Nobakhti

Human Resources Manager

Psychologist, she has a B.A. in general psychology from Allameh Tabataba'i University. She is a life skills coach and a law of attraction planner, loves books specially the meta physics ones, fans of choice theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom. interested in poem, sports and movies. Creative, perfectionist, imaginative, curious, open-minded, honest, loyal, methodical and a team player.

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