hair transplantation
What is The Hair Transplant?
March 5, 2020
hair transplant
Pre- and post-transplant care
March 9, 2020
FIT and FUE procedures are basically the same and the difference is surgical tools used to extract/isolate the hair follicles Follicular Isolation Technique, or FIT, means the technique of follicle segregation. In this method, the hair units (the follicles) are grouped or individually harvested from the hair bank, usually selected from the back of the head and above the ears, with a device called a punch and then transplanted by punch into the area where hair transplant is needed.
The FIT hair transplant procedure is almost painless and performed with local anesthesia.
It is interesting to know that in this method of hair transplantation, usually after one to four weeks, the hair follicles enter the resting phase, resulting in hair loss. But there is no need to worry as the hair will continue to grow after this phase is finished.
It should be noted that this technique alone is usually recommended for people with limited hair transplants or to have hair transplanted in limited areas such as the eyebrows, face and the site of old wounds.

BHT method

BHT or Body Hair Transplant is a method in which hair units are harvesting from body areas such as the chest, waist, thigh, pubic area or wherever the hair can be removed, instead of removing hair from the back of the head; and then plant the hair in the required area. The technique used is the FUE procedure. The BHT method is used for people with weak hair bank.
It should be noted that due to the differences between the head hairs and the body hairs, including thickness and condition, this method of hair transplant is best to be used as a complementary method, along with other methods.
method of hair transplantation


Sut hair transplantation is the best and latest method of hair transplantation without the need for surgery and anesthesia.
In SUT hair transplant by using highly accurate microscopes and with the help of advanced and sophisticated tools and equipment supervised by a hair transplant specialist, hair follicles are harvested from the donor area that is usually behind the head and under conditions that do not damage the follicles. The hair is immediately implanted in the recipient area.
Therefore, In SUT hair transplant hair harvesting is done by an automatic device. In this method up to 14,000 actual hair can be harvested and implanted in one session and the harvest in this procedure is performed with a device so the speed of the harvest is increased significantly.
The only method of hair transplantation without surgery is SUT, It has no surgery, no pain, no anesthesia, no side effect and you do not need to take days off to recover .
method of hair transplantation
All in all ,at by getting a free consultation with our skilled and experience specialist you can find out the best method suited for your condition with the most reasonable price .

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