Markazi province is one of the provinces of Iran, due to its geographical location, which is located near the center of Iran is called Markazi. This province is one of the industrial provinces of Iran and is a The two Alborz and Zagros mountains keep the province in between. Markazi Province consists of Arak, Mahalat, Saveh, Tafresh, Khomein, Farahan, Delijan, Shazand, Ashtian, Kamijan, Zarandieh and Arak is the center of this province. The province has a high ability to produce flowers and plants, and the city of Mahalat is the center of these plants. It is an industrial province. It is an industrial province and Services, industry and agriculture form the basis of the province's economy. Markazi is one of the most important industrial hubs in the country, as large factories such as Arak Machinery, Hepco, Aluminum and Azarab are located in Arak city. Markazi is the destination of nature tourism, birdwatching, mountaineering for tourists. The province dates back to the second and third millennia BC. In the ancient hills and elsewhere the trace of various civilizations as well as ethnicities can be seen.


The most beautiful part of the province lies southwest of the province. Arak also has green areas with the names of Sanjan and Karahrood, which is known as Arak Paradise. Neighbors of the province are, from the north Alborz and Qazvin provinces, from the West Hamedan province, from the Northeast Tehran Province, from the south Lorestan and Isfahan provinces and from the East Qom and Isfahan.

Souvenirs and Crafts

pomegranates, grapes, Giveh Sanjan and the well-known Saroogh handmade carpet are some of the most important handicrafts and souvenirs in this Province. Flowers and ornamental plants are also ranked first in the country and are known as the Dutch of Iran.


Miqan Arak Wetland, Hassanpour Arak House, Arak Historical Bath, Arak Historical Market, Saveh Jame Mosque, Shahid Bahonar Arak Zoo and Forest Park, Khorah Mahalat Ancient Site, Chal Nakhjir Delijan Cave, Hazawe Village of Arak. Hessabi's tomb in Tafresh, the historic village of Anjad Arak, the White Cave of Arak (Ain Hu) and the Dotape Shazand Archaeological Site are dedicated to those who love nature or visiting historical sites.

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