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Iran hot spring where you can enjoy is one of the things that can put Iran on the list of attractive tourist destinations
in addition to recreation hot springs also have therapeutic effects that can greatly help the health of many people since these springs stimulating various body activities, and treating respiratory disease, rheumatism, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, and swelling, they are also beneficial for nerve relief, blood pressure control, joint pain treatment, and kidney pain relief.
The use of water therapy for the treatment of these diseases dates back thousands of years, and prominent figures such as Plato, Aristotle, and Hippocrates have written much about this treatment in their books. In this article, some of the Hot springs of Iran are listed .
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Sarein Hot Springs in Ardebil

Ardebil province is the most important province in terms of the number of hot springs in the country in which Sarein, the most important city of Ardebil in terms of having hot spring is located. Dozens of springs of the city originate from Mount Sabalan.
Sarein hot springs with a certain temperature, characteristic and therapeutic properties from the heart of the earth, attracting many tourists from Iran and outside of Iran. Apart from the hot water, there are two pools of cold water with carbonated water in the city, which you can drink from. Situated 2 km from Sarein, these pools are located in a valley called Villa Dare, which has a magnificent nature and landscape. Also, along the Ardebil road to Khalkhal, there is a hot spring called Givi which its surrounding nature is very beautiful.
springs in Sarein have always been the focus of visitors due to their numerous therapeutic properties, especially in relieving skin inflammation, improving neurological diseases as well as relieving arthritis; Many travelers travel to Sarein every year for treatment.
Various complexes have been established for tourists to use hot water throughout the city of Sarein. Each of these complexes has relatively good equipment. There are various pools for men and women in each complex.
The Sabalan Sarein spa complex is of great importance as it is the largest spa center in the Middle East.
Other features of the city include the ease of travel. There are also amenities for travelers in the area, including hotels, inns, shops and more.
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Chaldaran mineral hot water

West Azarbaijan province is one of the cities in Iran with 46 hot springs and this is the reason why people who are looking for this type of attraction consider this place as their first choice. Some spas in West Azerbaijan are in the vicinity of valuable historical monuments. For example, the Ahmadabad hot spring is located near to the Takht Suleiman Takab's, and the Chaldaran hot spring is another attraction in the province that attracts many tourists.
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Rine hot water

At the heart of the Haraz roads in Mazandaran is another Iranian hot spring called Rineh, a great place to spend your leisure time in the heart of the northern forests. This hot water is both private and public and you can also rent a suite.

Mahallat Hot Spring

Mahallat Hot Spring is one of the most important tourist attractions of Markazi province. The water of this spring falls into the category of the hypothermal water. Hypothermic water is calcium sulfate mineral water. The water of this spring is comparable to that of calcic sulfate springs in Ban-de-Dobigour, France. The above-mentioned characteristics of Mahallat springs are of great importance in their therapeutic properties. Every year a large number of tourists visit this city for hot water treatment.
Spa therapy in Mahallat plays a major role in reducing liver, bile, kidney disease, improving gastrointestinal function as well as treating gout. The water temperature can sometimes reach as high as 100 degrees.
The proximity of these springs to the Dodehak Caravanserai, one of the historical attractions of the Central Province, has increased their importance in terms of tourism. There are plenty of amenities around the springs for travelers to use, including inns, Hotels, private baths, and more.
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Ferdows Mineral Spa

Ferdows Mineral Hot Springs is 200 years old and is located along the main and transit road of central and southern provinces to Mashhad on 22 km of Ferdows road to Bejistan. The mineral spa of Ferdows is located on the top of the mountain where the spa runs and there are traces of towers and barrows, indicating the historical age of the Ferdows mineral spa.
It is interesting to know that Ferdows spa water was cut off after the earthquake of the year 1968 and subsequently the aftershocks caused the re-flow of the spa water which made people happy.

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Author : Maryam Shiani
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