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What is Health tourism?

Today, the tourism industry is one of the top lucrative industries in the world. Health tourism is a subset of the ever-expanding tourism industry.
The World Tourism Organization defines health tourism as a type of tourism designed to maintain, improve and restore physical and mental health. This type of tourism lasts more than 24 hours and less than 1 year.
The global motto is health tourism, facilities, and services at the level of first or advanced world countries and prices and costs at the level of developing countries and third world countries.

Why is Health Tourism Popular?

  • Patients are looking for cheaper prices
  • Patients want a higher quality of treatment.
  • There is no treatment available in their country
  • They need treatment as soon as possible and out of line

Types of Health Tourism

Medical tourism

The most common and sensitive subdivision of health tourism, as it is directly related to tourism life and health which is performed in hospitals and medical centers, under the supervision of a doctor. This type of travel is done for treatment of illness, surgery or tourist health check-ups at the clinics and hospitals of the destination country.
Experienced physicians, medical science background, medical and supervisory infrastructure, standard hospitals and clinics, complete and up-to-date medical equipment, as well as medical regulations and supervision are among the most important healthcare infrastructures in a country and are very effective in attracting these tourists.

Curative Tourism

This type of health tourism is used to treat some illnesses and to recover. This treatment is performed under the supervision and medical intervention. In this way, traveling to areas with spas, hot springs, etc. is common.
Traveling to countries with natural health resources such as hot springs, salt lakes, sludge, clean environment, and bright sunshine are included in the field of nature curative tourism. In this type of travel, skin, respiratory, rheumatologic and musculoskeletal patients travel to these areas for medical massage, herbal baths as well as for recovery after treatment and surgery.

Wellness Tourism

This type of travel is done to relieve the stresses of daily living and gain peace. Usually, these tourists do not have a specific physical illness and are more likely to enjoy the healing nature and avoid the hustle and bustle of urban life. Travel is done to the health villages and areas with hot springs and spas. wellness tourists travel for a variety of services including fitness and exercise, beauty treatments, healthy diet, and weight management, relaxation and stress reduction, meditation, yoga, and health-related training.

Why Iran is the best place for health tourism?

Iran is rapidly becoming the health tourism hub in the Middle East and perhaps the world, especially for cosmetic surgeries!
A large group of tourists who choose Iran as a destination, are from neighboring countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, seeking cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, infertility treatment, open heart surgery, spine surgery, and organ transplants.
Another group comes from more advanced countries for cosmetic surgeries such as nose surgery, weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and breast implant surgery.
In general, most Popular surgeries performed in Iran includes: General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Infertility Treatments, Plastic Surgery
Reason of why Iran is better than some well-known countries in Health tourism:
  • 1- Very low treatment costs
    Years of conflict with inflation have dramatically reduced the value of the Iranian currency against the dollar and the euro. Now a whole package of nasal cosmetic surgery in Iran is about 90% cheaper than surgery in the United States.
  • 2- World-class medical facilities
    The choice of the medical profession is most demanded among Iranians. The enthusiasm in this area has led hospitals and clinics to constantly improve their facilities and provide advanced technologies to their employees and patients.
  • 3- Talented and experienced surgeons
    Most specialists in Iran are famous and international doctors who have received their medical degrees from renowned colleges in the United States, Europe and Iran and, after years of serious training, face a broad market.
    In addition, the high number of cosmetic surgeons has increased the skill of Iranian physicians and some of our renowned surgeons perform more than 3 surgeries daily. This has also attracted foreigners looking for beauty.
  • 4.- Fast and affordable service with short waiting time
    Providing quick service in response to people's needs is one of the important factors in attracting health tourists. As a therapeutic tourist, you do not have to miss the opportunity for early treatment by staying on the waiting list. One of the benefits in Iran is the opportunity to receive medical services quickly and without interruption.
  • 5- recreational and tourism opportunities due to the rich history
    The highlight of health tourism is its combination with other activities. A therapeutic tourist in Iran can have fun experiences. The first Iranian rule dates back to 4000 BC and Iran has since hosted many rulers and dynasties, remnants of which are still found around the corner. Iran is also an ideal choice for anyone who is interested in enjoying an attractive vacation because of its unique nature.
  • 6- Traditional and alternative methods
    Iran has a long history of traditional medicine with a clear perspective. Many traditional herbal remedies are still an integral part of Iranian daily life. Iran is also a land of hot springs, volcanic sludge, and spas built around many medical resorts to make it easier for those interested to use their benefits.
  • 7- Government support and Visa Facilitation
    The Iranian government has also supported the industry after discovering its potential in Medical Tourism as a source of economic prosperity for the country and has granted international hospital licenses to some hospitals. Special hospital units are prepared to improve the quality of the wards in hospitals around the country for foreigners. Iranian leaders have also begun canceling visas and are moving forward to ease the tedious process of obtaining a visa; one of the improvements in this process is not stamping the entry and exit stamps in the tourist passport.

In the field of tourism and attracting health tourists, there are always four essentials to consider. The competencies of medical professionals, state-of-the-art technologies and world standards, the economics of treatment, and the costs of medical and domestic regulations are important health tourism factors. In all four cases, Iran has better capabilities than neighboring countries and the Middle East That’s why Iran should be considered the best country in the area to come for health and medical purposes.

Why “” (ASK group) is the best Health Tourism facilitator in Iran?

For answering this question better, we should look at the history of the ASK group. AZAR SAMAN KAREN company (ASKco) was established in October 2014 with specialist members in different fields to create unique sense of innovation, most experienced and most professional advisors including well-known businessmen, physicians and marketing specialists joined this group to help them attain better and more dedicated results. ASKco has established branches in other countries like Germany, Indonesia, Canada, Kenya, Turkey, and the UAE to expand its market more than before.
Azar Saman Karen company started its career with two main field Health care and energy and it continued to expand by adding new areas like food, construction, and tourism. In late 2017 one of the most talented advisors recommend other members to establish Health Tourism Department in ASKco, this was just the beginning which led to establishing “IHT. Health” in 2018 and “ASK MEDICAL TRAVEL” under the new company of ASK group which is ASEMANEH SAFAR KEIHAN in 2019.

We believe that our team is the best Health Tourism facilitator in Iran for you to choose because:

  • 1-We are the only and the one company in IRAN that is an official member of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) which is the most reliable organization in the Health Tourism industry in the world.
  • 2-Our Managers have Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) which shows they are certified, medical tourism professionals.
  • 3-We have the official license of the Health Tourism Facilitator from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education which is supervised and certified by Iran University of Medical Sciences.
  • 4-We have the official License of Travel agency from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism in Iran.
  • 5-We are official members of Iran and Tehran chamber of commerce.
  • 6-We are official members of Iran and Africa chamber of commerce.
  • 7-Our brands are officially registered which gives us complete rights of brands and avoids people who want to use our name illegally. It will ensure our kind customers to choose us without any worries.
  • 8- We are officially registered in the company registration office in the Judicial system of Iran.
  • 9- Our company has an official contract with more than 30 hospitals, clinics, and medical centers
  • 10- Our company has ISO 90001:2015 certificate in providing health care services
  • 11-All of our staff are trained and have obtained related licenses in their field of responsible ministry to give high quality and standard services.
  • 12- We provide the highest transparency in Iran with an unlimited information exposure system which specially designed by ASK group, in all steps from small information on operating procedures which provides you a very clear way for decision making and removing all hidden costs.
  • 13-24/7 days’ free consultations.
  • 14-You can talk in your mother tongue in Iran because we provide interpreters for most of the popular languages in the world like English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Pashto, Urdu and…
  • 15- We offer Visa services free of charge and you will only pay the official visa fees.
  • 16-Free airport transfer
  • 17-Continuous observing, 24h supervising, re-education, repeated examination, live tracking of our staff and much more to be sure that the services and procedures will lead to a perfect and smooth experience for you.
  • 18-Contract with more than 100 different types of accommodations like Hotel, Hotel apartments, Motels, hustle, INN and… with different classes and different prices to gather the best appropriate package according to your desire.
  • 19-We have VIP and CIP services for first-class customers that looking for the highest luxurious experience.
  • 20-We are on contract with official, registered and highly observed wellness centers, beauty salons, GYM and SPAs for customers who are looking for these services.
  • 21-Our tour guides have all types of certificates and well trained to help you to find and visit the most iconic of Iran’s attractions.
  • 22-We are providing travel insurance.
  • 23-All of your medical results and records will be prepared in soft and hard copies and will deliver to you at the end of your trip to keep it with yourself. Our company will keep a copy of them for post-operation follow up.
  • 24-We start our services before your travel and will continue after your travel to check your happiness and satisfaction plus following up on your medical procedure.
  • 25-Companion special care, we provide a lot of services for your partner and companions that may travel with you to Iran like a baby sitter, extra tour leader, etc.
  • 26-Extra care with a private nurse in hospital and place where you stay after your surgery or operation, for better recovery and faster healing.
These reasons and many more make “” and “ASK Medical Travel” very reliable brands of the ASK group for Health tourism in Iran. We are honored to say that is the best medical tourism facilitator in Iran and we have lots of evidence and proves which only a few of them mentioned above, to support our claim.
“We believe in “IHT. Health” as the best Health Tourism company in Iran because Transparency and Integrity are our identities”

Hesam Khosrow CEO of ASK group


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    • Khosro says:

      Dear Karina,
      yes of course, you can find better quality with less price than india, in some cases Iran is the number one country regarding quality and according to prices, they are offering most affordable treatment that you can imagine.

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    traveling alone for having surgery is really scary

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    • Faezeh Soltanpoor says:

      Dear Scarlet our team is here and we are not leaving you alone during your travel for surgery in iran. So you don’t feel that you have traveled alone.

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