East Azerbaijan "The Red Gold Land"


East Azerbaijan province is one of the Turkish provinces of Iran, located in the Azerbaijan region of Iran and was called Khavari Azerbaijan during the Pahlavi rule. This province is the largest and most populous province in northwestern Iran (Azerbaijan). East Azerbaijan province is bounded on the north by the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia, on the west and southwest by West Azerbaijan Province, on the east by Ardebil Province and on the south-east by Zanjan province. The province has a cold mountainous climate and the whole range of the province is made up of mountains and highlands. East Azerbaijan province covers an area of 1.5 sq. Km. It is the only province in Iran that has borders with Armenia. It is also the only province in the country that shares both the main territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, which is an indigenous territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This province is the junction of two major mountain ranges of Iran, Alborz and Zagros. Its highest point is Sahand Mountain Peak. The capital of East Azerbaijan province is Tabriz metropolis. Maragheh, Bonab, Marand, Ahar, and Mianeh are some of the important cities of this province. East Azerbaijan ranks first in non-oil exports in the country. It is also the safest province with the lowest crime in Iran.

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Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Carpet weaving, leather products, nuts and pebbles are the famous handicrafts and souvenirs of the province.

East Azerbaijan NATURAL BEAUTY


Tabriz Eagle Park, Arasbaran Forests in Kabir, Varzaghan and Ahar Borders, Kandovan Village in Esko, Babak Kalibar Castle, Tabriz Municipality Building, Tabriz Historical Bazaar, Maragheh Observatory, Tabriz Blue Mosque, Abi Ashari Waterfall in Jolfa and Khor Gol Wetland near Bostanabad are some of the most spectacular places in East Azerbaijan. Tabriz's historic market is the world's first registered UNESCO heritage market; Additionally, Arasbaran forests have been registered by UNESCO.

East Azerbaijan NATURAL BEAUTY

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