Ardebil " a city that is thousands of years old "


Ardebil is one of the historical and tourist areas of Iran located in northwestern Iran and Azerbaijan. The province is bounded on the north by the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the west by East Azerbaijan, on the east by Guilan Province and on the south by Zanjan Province. The city is built in a circular plateau surrounded by beautiful mountains. On the west side of the plateau, the silent volcano of Sabalan is located at a height of 1.5 meters, which is constantly covered in snow. Ardebil is a city with a rich culture that lies in historical monuments, natural resources and manners, and customs of this land. Ardebil, apart from its cool and spring weather in the hot summer days, is the land of lush plains, lakes and warm waters and the beautiful Heiran pass. There is no best time to travel to Ardabil. Because in all seasons Ardebil has its own beauty. But if you are not comfortable with snow and cold, this trip to paradise is recommended in the first six months of the year.


Tourist Attractions

Sheikh Safi Ardebili Monument, Ardabil Old Bazaar, Shurabil Lake, Sarabad Cascade and Hot Water and Sabalan Peak Lake are historical and tourist attractions of this city that attracts many tourists every year, especially in summer. Moreover, one of the most important cultural attractions of the tribe of this area is the Shahsun and Arasbaran folk costumes.


The most important souvenirs in Ardabil include candy, sunflower seeds, black halva, wholemeal, local pastries, baked goods, Sabalan natural honey, Sabalan flowers extract, and butter. Ardebil black halva is a well-made pot of wheat and butter sprouts. Carpet weaving and Jajim weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts in Ardebil, which has a great reputation and importance Ardabil carpet is one of the exquisite carpets in Azerbaijan. Other handicrafts in Ardebil include scarfs, woolen socks, backpacks, embroidery, weaving skirts, silver workmanship, embroidery, embroidery, wood and metal industries, and pottery.

Mineral springs

The existence of more than 110 hot and cold mineral springs in the cities of Sarein, Meshgin Shahr, Nir, Kowsar and Ardebil, has made this province the most important mineral water treatment center in the country and can make optimum use of this opportunity so as to become the center of health tourism in the Middle East. Hot water available in five cities out of 10 provinces has effective therapeutic features including in the treatment of neurological diseases, rheumatism, hepatitis, cutaneous diseases, eye diseases, musculoskeletal diseases and rehabilitation treatment of joint inflammation and bone pain are also benefits which can be achieved. The minerals found in hot springs also help improve the nerves of the human body.

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