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March 9, 2020
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March 14, 2020
We all have questions about how we can have a famous Hollywood smile .
One of the new cosmetic dentistry restorations treatments for the appearance of dental problems that is very common among Hollywood celebrities who do not have the time to undergo long treatments such as orthodontics ,is the veneer.
As you know, veneers are a tooth-colored layer, which is used to correct the color or shape of the teeth. This smile design method is used to correct the distance between teeth, shape and color to create a Hollywood smile in general.

Improve The aesthetics of your smile

Durable, ultra-thin materials that are tailor-made (albeit reasonably priced) to suit each person's tooth ,shape is made of tooth-colored materials and with minimal complications improve people’s appearance.
Dentists use these thin ceramic or composite shells to modify the smile design and discoloration of teeth (whitening and ultra-bleach) and tooth size and length deformation.

Types of tooth veneer

Veneers (laminates) are two types :

Ceramic tooth veneer (indirect method):

They are made ceramic commonly named porcelain( Chinese). This method has a more beautiful appearance, is more color stable and more resistant than composite laminates. These veneers are manufactured in the laboratory after molding. The cost of tooth lamination with this method is higher than the other method.
hollywood smile

Composite Veneer (Direct method):

In contrast to ceramic lamination, there is a composite tooth that has more color variation (so can be perfectly matched to other teeth).
A veneer is made of special resin and must be highly shaped to have a natural appearance. In the composite installation, a small part of the tooth is shaved. These veneers are also prepared while you wait in the dentist's office so the whole treatment process can be done in one session.
Because the resin is a porous material, it will change color (if you are interested in coffee or red wine you should not consider composite as an option) .Veneers are also prone to breakage. However, veneer composites are durable and they can last from 4 to 8 years .
One of the biggest advantages of composite veneers is the reversibility of the treatment process, meaning that the dentist can replace them or remove them from the tooth as needed. The veneers are more affordable and cost about half as much laminate. Since this type of veneer is made by a dentist, it is important to search for a dentist who is skilled in the art.
hollywood smile

What is the difference between a composite veneer and a ceramic veneer (laminate)?

The difference between a composite veneer and laminate(ceramic veneer) is that the laminates are thin ceramic shells that adhere to the outer surface of the tooth. ceramic laminates are more resistant than composites. The color stability is higher in ceramic laminates and, in principle, they have a more beautiful appearance. while the veneer composites are resins designed to be applied on the outer surfaces of the tooth, they have less color stability and their main advantage over ceramic laminates is the cheaper price and it is less invasive so very minimal tooth preparation and shaving are required .but the purpose of both is to improve individuals smile by making patient’s teeth evener and whiter.
hollywood smile
hollywood smile

Is tooth lamination the solution to all smile design problems?

The answer to this question is to say that a beautiful smile requires the coordination of the gums, appearance, size, color and position of the teeth to the individual lips and face. In many cases, static gingival surgery is part of beautiful smile design, and in some cases we need orthodontic treatment or a combination of orthodontic and laminate treatment.


The first question after deciding to get veneer is how much does tooth veneer (laminate) cost?
To answer questions such as this, it should be noted that the price of veneers in Iran is very reasonable compared to other countries, while Iranian doctors are highly skilled and experienced in this field , so feel free to contact us for your free consultation .

Author:Maryam Shiani

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