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How Corona Virus Affected

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How coronavirus (COVID-19) affects the health and medical tourism industry: These days, the world is facing a huge problem and big dangerous challenge by pandemic virus COVID-19 in the world. Fighting against this virus has been started exactly from the same time that this virus has been find and diagnosed in Wuhan, China.

This virus has lots of harmful affected on each and every industry in the world no matter in which country or on which nationality, and mostly affected the tourism industry and of course its subsets health and medical tourism in order of canceling all the flights and closing the borders of the countries in order of protecting themselves against this virus by isolating their countries for controlling this virus. As we know health and medical tourism industry has been collapsing since WHO announced that the virus is in pandemic level in the world, and it continues to be total.

In the middle of this challenge, health and medical tourism are the lost parts of this puzzle and no one is thinking about what is happening in this industry, what is happening to the patients that really need to travel to another country for curing and treating, and so on… huge disasters are happening in the countries with a lack of health system even in the number of coronavirus cases and patients who really need to travel to another country with a better and stronger health system.

And there are no statistics because they are not even testing their people because they don’t have this ability to do the Covid-19 test and other patients are like burning candles, and they are burning in this bad situation. According to IMTJ one of the sources in health and medical tourism industry in Europe, “maybe we should forget 2020 in this industry, “and skip it to 2021, but the question is that is this challenge going to be finished at the end of 2020, or we should use to it and make some ways to rescue this industry in 2020 instead of seating and watching that health and medical tourism industry is sinking.

health and medical tourism

In Iran private hospitals has closed their doors to the corona cases, and they are not treating them, and they have this exemption legally and governmental sections are servicing people and helping them, so private sections have this capacity and ability to continue their responsibility for curing other patients and most patients of these hospitals are foreigners and IRAN is the cheapest destination in the world for people in the world, and now a day there is no foreign patient for them is so private sections are not using their potentials to make money of foreign patients or at least servicing their compatriots, so these days private health sectors are rolling uselessly. 

To help patients who really need to travel to another country to be treated (not the coronavirus cases) the health organization should decide and make some ways for them by following the protocols against coronavirus and help them to travel to another country with special flights and special rules. In developed countries who don’t have any strong health system, and they have a big problem against coronavirus and treating the coronavirus cases already they are using the whole of their potential for these cases, and another patient is like an extra pressure on their health system, and this pressure may cause collapsing of their health system and also in undeveloped countries which always rely on the other countries in their health system there are so many patients who are really, and maybe there wouldn’t be any time for them.

So maybe with the specials, airlines and special hospitals and hotels around the world, and again back to humanity and help each other, and back to our roots, we can help patients who are not affected by COVID-19 but still hope for them to be treated for their current diseases and don’t choose to forget health and medical industry in 2020. Are the governments, and WHO going to do something and make a decision for solving this problem otherwise the question is that the

How Long Does it Take, The World Comes Back to The Routines?

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