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Hip Replacement

hip replacement surgery
Hip replacement is one of the most successful surgical procedures in humans. Changing the hip joint relieves chronic pain that has long hindered normal physical activity.
In hip replacement surgery, a damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint.

Who needs hip replacement surgery?

For various reasons, the hip joint can be severely damaged in the pelvis, the most common of which are:
  • When the thigh articulates with arthritis breaks down
  • Malignant hip and acetabular fractures
  • Avascular necrosis and femoral head damage due to the poor blood supply
  • Thigh rheumatic disease
  • When the hip joint has a congenital dislocation
Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which the surgeon removes parts of pelvic with arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint that is often made of metal and plastic. This is usually done when other treatment options have failed to cure the pain. Doing this will relieve the pain of the hip joint and make walking easier for the patient.
For this surgery, the patient needs general anesthesia to relax his muscles and go into a temporary deep sleep. Of course, spinal anesthesia may also be used as an alternative to pain relief. Most patients have to be hospitalized four to six days after the operation and place a sag between their legs to recover their pelvic bones during recovery. Physiotherapy usually starts the day after the operation and within a few days the patient can walk with a walker or cane. Physical therapy should be used for several months after surgery.
There are three types of replacements depending on the extent and location of joint destruction:
Total joint replacement : In this procedure, both the pelvic cavity and the femoral head are removed and replaced.
Hemi (Partial) replacement : In this case, only the part of the femur that is damaged only femoral head or the acetabulum is replaced.

Is hip replacement surgery needed to be done once or more ?

Just as the human joint does not have eternal life, so does the hip joint. These artificial joints may loosen within the bone after some time.
In most cases, hip replacement works for the rest of patients’ life, and hip replacement surgery is performed only once. However, some patients may need to have the prosthesis replaced one more time or even more.
Pelvic joints, if properly fitted, usually last more than 20 to 25 years.

Restrictions after hip replacement

Depending on the type of surgery performed by the surgeon, the type of rehabilitation process and patient limitations will vary.
Most surgeons recommend avoiding situations that may allow dislocation for 6 weeks ,because usually after 6 weeks the soft tissues around the hip joint are repaired after this time patients can have a more active life.
Most surgeons recommend avoiding vigorous repetitive activities that speed up the process of eroding the prosthetic, such as running long distances or basketball or skiing.
Except for the above, you will not have significant restrictions after this surgery. Keep in mind, however, that the better you take care of your new joint, the longer it will last.
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