health and medical tourism during COVID
Health tourism COVID
April 12, 2020
hpv(human papilloma virus)
HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
April 16, 2020

Health Tourism Services in Iran

The choice of a health tourism destination is influenced by many variables including:

professionalism, quality of facilities and services, cultural background, and costs.

 Choosing wisely Iran as a destination for your health and medical travel has a straight relation to the health tourism services in Iran.

In terms of cost, India is at the forefront of providing the cheapest services.

however, with Iran’s entry into the field of health tourism, due to the numerous tourist attractions in Iran, its rich history. And given the fact that high-quality health services are provided in Iran at a lower price than countries like India or Turkey.

So Iran has the potential for attracting more tourists even more than India.

In addition to the quality and affordability of health services in the country.

beautiful landscapes and landscape architecture play an important role in the development of the medical tourism industry.

Iran’s position

Iran has been medically at a very good level from the distant past to the present.

In addition to the presence of skilled and specialized doctors, as well as fully standardized and updated equipment in Iranian hospitals.

The nature of our country also has good conditions for attracting and treating health tourists.

In the Middle East, Iran is recognized as a reliable and safe destination for health tourists.

In addition to the very famous and well-known mineral water springs in different cities of our country.

As well as salt lakes, in Iran, you can benefit from the best medical services at a low cost.

Since providing quality and successful medical services at a low cost is the main condition for success for health tourism, as a result, its potential exists in our country.

Iran is an ideal health tourism destination for seekers of treatment abroad,.

Due to a variety of reasons such as abundance, variety, convenience, low cost, quality of medical services, and experienced and renowned physicians.

The cost of treatment in Iran is lower than in Western European countries, the United States, and neighboring countries such as:

Iraq, Azerbaijan, Oman, and Afghanistan by 40%, 65%, and 20% to 30% respectively.

Moreover, due to the devaluation of the Iranian Rial, travel and purchasing foodstuffs in Iran have become very affordable for tourists.

Reasons for Iran’s success in health tourism

Medical science is growing all over the world, and each of the different countries pays special attention to equipping hospitals and medical clinics.

But only some of them have succeeded.

Among the reasons that have made Iran known as one of the best countries in the region in terms of health tourism.

We can mention the following:

  • Adherence to medical standards and coping with infectious diseases.

Fortunately, Iran is coping well with infectious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, and malaria.

And the necessary tests and prevention to prevent it from occurring in all hospitals and medical centers.

  • Cheap and convenient cost of treatment and excellent quality of medical services
  • Providing accommodation and welfare facilities for patients and their companions in different cities of our country at a low cost
  • Numerous tourist and natural attractions in various cities such as Sarein hot springs and salt lakes

The most important successful fields of health tourism in Iran:

Among the most important medical categories in which Iran has been very successful.

And can be considered a growth point for the promotion of this industry.

We can mention the following:

  • Heart surgery
  • Infertility treatment
  • Cosmetic surgeries (hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, jaw and face surgery)
  • Dentistry
  • Corneal eye and hump surgery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Neurosurgery

If you guys want to get into the details of Iran’s health tourism packages and the cost, check out the prices at , where you will notice the huge difference in the costs.

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