detection of breast cancer, mammography
Detection of breast cancer: mammography
October 27, 2020
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General recommendations for imaging (mammography) clients

breast mammography

breast mammography

General recommendations for imaging (mammography) clients


In this article, we are going to have some general recommendations for imaging (mammography) clients.

* If your breasts are sensitive and painful, try to have a mammogram on the day when you have the least pain and sensitivity.

* Do not use fragrances, powders, or creams under the mammogram on the day of mammography because it may reduce the quality of the stereotypes if placed on the skin of the breast.

Always note the place and time of mammograms, biopsies, etc.

* It is better to do mammography in a center where a large number of patients get mammograms every day because the skills of the staff and the doctor in these centers are higher.

* Do not discard previous mammograms even if they are normal and without any lesions because comparing them with future mammograms will help diagnose breast lesions.

detection of breast cancer, mammography

detection of breast cancer, mammography


Mammography is the most accurate way to detect breast cancer in its early stages

How and at what age is mammography performed for early diagnosis?

  • If a woman does not have any breast problems, it is better to have the first mammogram at the age of 35-39.
  • Over the age of 40, recommendation is mammography for annual screening
  • In old age, mammography has no age limit, as long as a woman is in physical health, screening mammography can be done for her.


This provides a scale for evaluating subsequent changes.

Therefore, it is better to have your mammogram photos with you when you see a doctor.


Is mammography dangerous?

What is important is that mammography, at intervals used for screening and early detection programs, poses no risk to the individual in terms of radiation exposure, and the benefits far outweigh the harms.

Also, the pressure on the breast when taking a picture does not pose a risk of breast disease.


Is mammography painful?

To do a proper mammogram and get an accurate picture, it is necessary to put some pressure on the breast tissue.

This pressure may be painful for some women.

To reduce this discomfort, the best time to have a mammogram is 4-8 days after the start of menstruation.

At this time, the breasts are the least congested and heavy, making both clinical breast exams and mammograms easier.

Mammography may not be your last diagnostic procedure, and based on the results of the examination and mammogram, your doctor may think that other procedures, such as ultrasound or biopsy, may be needed.

How doctors perform mammography?

In this method, doctors take a black and white photo of the breast, which needs to be reported and interpreted by a radiologist and a surgeon. Therefore, mammography photo interpretation should be done according to the patient’s examination conditions and other tests.

For mammography,they place the patient in a standing position and compress the breast horizontally and vertically between special plates, and they take a photograph.

This not only reduces the amount of radiation received by the breast tissue but also creates a clearer and more interpretable image.

Of course, applying this pressure is only for a few seconds.

breast ductography

breast ductography



Use of ductography in the diagnosis of breast cancer

Ductography is a color photograph of the mammary ducts of the breast.

doctors use this method in cases where the patient has a bloody discharge from the nipple.

The procedure is that doctor inserts a thin plastic tube into a blood-secreting duct.

And doctor injects a very small amount of contrast material through the tube.

The mammogram then takes a picture of the breast similar to a normal mammogram.

This type of photo shows the path of the mammary duct and the presence of a mass inside it.

In this method, too, the patient feels a slight pain.


breast ultrasound

breast ultrasound

Sonography (ultrasound)

In this method, we are using sound waves to create images of different parts of the body.

The reflection and reflection of sound waves by the computer become visible images.

This method does not use X-rays.

sonographists usually do ultrasound in cases where your doctor may recommend further tests.

These include cases where the breast tissue in a woman is firm and dense or the patient is less than 30 years old.

What is particularly important is that the need for mammography or ultrasound or both are within the competence of the surgeon.

And one should never insist on doing one based on one’s own information.

Ultrasound is not a substitute for mammography, but we are using as an aid.

Currently, the best way to diagnose breast cysts that look like solid lumps on examination is ultrasound.

In this procedure, the patient is placed in a supine position and the radiologist moves a special device called a probe on the breast and the reconstructed image is visible on the screen.

Of course, this image can only be interpreted and examined by a radiologist.

In this method, the person usually does not feel pain.

Hope to find useful and helpful our general recommendations for imaging (mammography) clients.

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