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1For whom my request of receiving health tourism services has been sent?

Your application will be sent to a medical team of specialists in all disciplines, and various cost and treatment options will be offered for your immediate treatment.
There are modern hospitals with up to date equipment, along with specialized in rotate staff to provide you with appropriate treatments.

2Who will contact me after the request is made?

One of the doctors in the person's medical tourism team will contact you for the necessary coordination. Communication will be done by a fluent translator in one of the languages you speak so you can easily describe your illness.

3How long does it take to get the answer to the question asked?

Our medical specialists will answer all your questions within one business day.

4What services will I receive during my travel and hospitalization?

Experts will first review your information and requests and then provide their suggestions with additional information to select the services you want.
These services will include:

  • Appropriate treatments for your illness and the cost
  • Your doctor's name and profile
  • Name of the treatment center
  • The hotel where you and your companions stay
  • Visa, Ticketing, Transportation, Translator, Tour and other required tourism services
To be able to get better results and make better choices, different medical packages as well as different costs of tourism services will be presented to you.
Treatment costs will vary depending on your hospital and treatment choices, the reputation of your medical staff, your medical equipment, and your medications. It should be noted that in all cases you will have the same ideal recovery.

5Given that my personal and medical information is private, Will the company be diligent in keeping this private information?

Yes, it should be noted that one of the main obligations of our company is the confidentiality of the patient’s information so that patients who choose our company to receive services can visit our centers safe and secure.

6Are tourism services such as visas, tickets, Hotel reservation, translator, transfer and other services required by the patient and companions are provided by the company?

Yes, the company has a tourism group with over 20 years of experience in providing tourism and travel services. This group is one of the largest tourism holding companies in the country.

7What are the ways to pay for services?
You can do it by:
  • Direct deposit to the international account of the company
  • Payment done in your own country
  • Currency Exchange
  • When entering to the Iran
8How will I receive the receipt after paying?
  • Through your own system and user panel
  • by Email
  • Through social networks
  • In person at the agency
  • via DHL
9How to get more information on a variety of health services, medical centers, doctors, residential centers and more?

You can visit our websites for more information or contact company numbers and get free expert advice in your own language.

10If I wanted travel alone for my medical treatment, it is so scary for me so I have this question, what is your company policy for the alone patients and keep them calm and relax?

Our team are considering all of patients as family member so you will never feel that you are traveling alone to another country and you feel like home certainly.

11If I am going to face any trouble because of iran visa attachment/entry-exit stamp at the board in my passport I prefer not to come to iran, how did you solve this problem?

You know the iran visas are not going to attached in your passport anymore they will give it to you on the piece of paper and even the entry/exit will be stamped on this piece of paper.

12For my medical travel to iran which kind of the iran visa I should apply?

Iran has 13 kinds of visas for different purposes but the one for patients is TREATMENT visa (Tvisa) that is created for the patients who want to travel to iran for treatments, you should only send us the scan of your passport with no expire issue time less than 6 months and a personal photo of yourself with the white background, we will arrange everything and within 3 working days we will send you the Evisa code and you should attend to the iran embassy or consulate to get the approved visa. And depends of the nationality you should pay the visa fee at the embassy and there is no more charges from our side for visa applying.

13When I arrived at the airport what should I do as a next step?

When you arrive at the airport you shouldn’t do anything because our team members are waiting for with open warm hugs.

14I have no idea about the hospitals and the physician how can I decide?

We will send you the profile of the physicians and the hospitals and we will clear everything for you even the weakness points of them so you can decide with the open eyes.

15Tehran is a big city how can I choose the hotel and the hospital for not to get lost?

We will lead you through the way that you are choosing and we are always next to you, you will never and ever get lost in iran.

16How can I get visa for my companion?

We will apply with your visa your companion visa also and the process is really easier than other types of iran visas.

17I want to travel with my boyfriend to iran, is it possible for us to stay in one room at the hotel?

Obviously it is alright you can travel and stay in one hotel room together.

18Safety is really important thing for me, would you please help me about the safety in iran?

Iran is a really safe country in the world in the middleeast region iran is the safest country and in the world its also really safe.

If you didn’t find answers of the questions in your mind please don’t hesitate to write them below.

آذر سمن کارن

IHT is Azar Saman Karen’s ( آذر سمن کارن ) company health Department, which has started its activities since 2014. Azar Saman Karen consists of the best specialists in medicine and the best of the tourism in Iran.
The goal of our team is to help you create the best memories and experiences for you and of course a good memory from AzarSamanKaren Co.
Leave us yours.
The overall process of your travel and treatment :
At first, you submit your request through the site or our representatives in your country. Then we refer your request to our medical specialist team, or you can contact our medical team Directly to submit the medical document. At the same time, our professional tourism team will design your travel plan according to your interests. After getting the hospital, hotel and ticket approved, our expert who is the coordinator of your work in Iran that spoke in your preferred language will contact you within 72 hours and will explain to you all the details of your travel. After all, our company will prepare an invoice for you and will start to get the visa. After obtaining your electronic visa code, you can pay in the below ways:

  • Paying Directly through our international account
  • Paying through our representative account in your country
  • Paying through the introduced exchanges from the company
  • Paying cash after entrancing to Iran
After choosing one of the payment methods you are all set, and your expert and translator will explain everything to you. Your payment receipt will send you through the following methods :

  • Through your User Panel
  • By email
  • Send from WhatsApp, Viber, ...
  • Receiving directly from a representative
  • Send a request for receipts to central company and deliver it via DHL

We want to help you get the best medical outcome, having the best travel experience and spending the best days in the cities of Iran. Even when you return to your country, our expert will continue to be in touch with you and will monitor your recovery, if there was a problem you would come back to Iran at our expense. We will fix the problem or you will be referred to doctors in our representative in your country.

Note: The cost of designing a package depends on the hospital, treatment center and medical equipment you will choose. Also, the cost of your travel may be different depending on the hotel and airline you will choose, And the cost of getting a visa.

Another important point is that your personal information will be in secret.
For more information, give us a call or contact us online.

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