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December 23, 2019
What Does Laparoscopic Surgery Mean?
December 30, 2019
Bariatrics surgery which also called weight –loss surgery is one of the solutions for your obesity related problems. For better understanding of these methods some useful terms should be explained :


as you know the small intestine’s function is to absorb nutrients and calories that you consume every day, in the malabsorption method they try to bypass or shorten the small size of the small intestine which can reduce the absorption of the extra calories and nutrients that you may receive. Restriction: the surgeon tries to limit or correct the size of the stomach that can lead to a reduction in the amount of food that you want to eat, finally less food makes you lose weight.

Laparoscopic Adjustable gastric banding:

An inflatable balloon that will attach around the upper part of the stomach to control the amount of the food passing to the entry of the stomach will help to feel satisfied from eating sooner.
the surgeon will fix it with the skin of the stomach’s surface. The band has a pipe that is connected to port which can remove or add fluid in which as a result the size of the band can increase or decrease.
By this method, they can control the amount of food and drink flow rate from the upper part of the stomach to the rest of it. This method has a minimum mortality risk among all other methods.
The bariatrics surgeon use laparoscopy to adjust the band. This method most likely will be recommended by the physician for someone with a BMI of more than 30 and less than 40, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

With creating small pouch on top of the stomach you can largely limit the amount of the food that you eat, the surgeon will connect a short cut of the small intestine to this pouch and it leads to less absorption of the calories and nutrients. The main part of the stomach still making digestive fluid (digestive juices).
Bariatrics surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy

This method works whit decreasing your appetite by decreasing the size of the stomach by removing part of the stomach and makes stomach tube shape. It does not have any effect on nutrient absorption. With less space to store the food, you will consume less food. This permanent surgery will remove almost 75 percent of your stomach and leads to the removal of the tissue part that is responsible for making hormone which increases your interest in eating.

Some points about these methods:

1)You cannot eat food immediately after your surgery and you will have to drink just simple and clean liquids. After being checked by the doctor then you are allowed to move. The second stage of your recovery which is about one month includes eating pureed healthy foods and a mixture of supplements with protein is.
2)you should keep in mind that your lifestyle should change after these type of surgeries especially you’re eating habits, better quality food and smaller portion of food should be considered
3)Avoid drinking high-calorie snack and sodas
4)You should not drink liquids just immediately after your meal and should wait at least 30 minutes
5)Taking supplements especially vitamins and minerals highly recommended with a nutrition specialist physician’s prescription.
6)Chewing your meal perfectly before swallowing the food
7)You have a new stomach so be careful it will get full sooner

Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch :

The most powerful method to help people with high BMI which use two methods at the same time, This method is used to decrease the size of the stomach as well as the decreasing amount of nutrition absorption.
The surgeon starts with removing the bigger part of the stomach (sleeve) It is so important to know that the surgeon will save all nerves during the removal of the stomach to keep the stomach function normally.

Let us explain Duodenal switch which will use with the surgeon:

in this method, part of the intestine (duodenum) will remain and the doctor closes the middle part of the intestine off then connect the end of the separated part of the intestine to the duodenum.
Biliopancreatic diversion: the part of the intestine which is separated remains in the body and it is connected to the end of the intestine and allows pancreatic digestive juice to move through this part.
With a combination of these two methods, you may need a supplement to maintain the necessary nutrients in your body. The highest rate of weight loss can be achieved with this method. This method of bariatric surgeries probably is recommended by physicians to people with higher BMI, diabetic people and those with metabolic disorders.

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