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Diagnosis of small bowel cancer

Diagnosis of small bowel cancer

Diagnosis of small bowel cancer


Diagnosis of small bowel cancer

we can use different methods to image the small intestine and surrounding areas for the Diagnosis of small bowel cancer. in order to detect the presence of cancer in this important organ and to determine how far the disease has progressed.

cancer stage definition:

the cancer stage is the way to determine the extent to which cancer affects the small intestine and surrounding tissues.

so special tests can examine the cancer stage.
Prior to treatment, determining the type of small bowel cancer and careful consideration of the possibility of surgical removal of the tumor is so important.

specialists are usually taking the Tests to diagnose, diagnose, and evaluate the stage of the disease all at once.

intestine cancer

intestine cancer

specialists are using the following methods to diagnose small bowel cancer:

invasive methods:

  • Clinical examination and review of medical and family history

During the examination, the doctor will carefully examine the general health symptoms of the person, such as the symptoms of any disease and any signs and abnormal lymph nodes.

In addition to the patient’s history, any history of illness, and treatment that the person has undergone will be recorded in his / her file.

clinical examinations are:

small bowel examination

small bowel examination

  • Biochemical examination of blood

They carefully monitor the number of hormones and enzymes secreted into the bloodstream In a patient’s blood test.

If the amount of these substances is higher or lower than usual, so it is probably a sign of a disease.

  • Evaluation of liver function

They check liver function from the person’s blood sample. because they measure The number of liver enzymes. If the amount of enzymes is higher than normal, it could be a sign of liver disease, which may be due to small bowel cancer.

In this method, to diagnose small bowel cancer, an accurate picture of the target organ and surrounding tissues can be obtained. If these areas have lost their normal state, they can be detected by endoscopy. specialists are performing This method in different types.


  • Upper endoscopy

They use this method to examine the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum (the beginning of the small intestine near the stomach) more closely.

So the endoscope, which is a narrow tube with a light and a lens, enters the gastrointestinal tract through the mouth. With an endoscope, the doctor can easily see inside the gastrointestinal tract.

Sometimes a special device is attached to the endoscope that can be used to perform sampling. Samples are sent to the laboratory after endoscopy.

  • Endoscopic capsule

The patient is swallowing a capsule with the size of a large tablet.

The capsule is containing light and a wireless camera to view the inside of the small intestine.

As the capsule moves along the gastrointestinal tract, it takes many images of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the small intestine.

Therefore they attached a special device to the patient’s waist or shoulder to record these images.

The doctor then views the images on the computer and examines possible signs of cancer. Eventually, the capsule will pass out of the body with the stool.

  • Double balloon endoscopic or enteroscopic

This diagnostic method is used to view the inside of the small intestine.

A special device consisting of two tubes – one in the other – is inserted into the small intestine through the mouth or anus.

The inner tube (endoscopy with light and lens) and the outer tube move in different parts of the small intestine and perform imaging frequently.

In this method, the doctor carefully observes the different parts of the intestine and can even sample the intestinal tissue.

Specialists send the samples to the laboratory after the end of the double endoscopic balloon and examined under a microscope.

In the diagnosis of small bowel cancer, if the results of the endoscopic capsule method are abnormal, this diagnostic method will be performed.


A small incision is made in the abdomen, then the inside of the body is examined for possible signs of disease. Depending on the cause of the laparotomy, the size of the incision on the body will vary.

As a result of a laparotomy, the lymph nodes or part of the tissue is removed and then examined in a laboratory.

  • Sampling

In a biopsy, the surgeon removes a portion of the body’s tissue or cells under a microscope for in order to closer examination.

The surgeon sometimes takes the samples during endoscopy or laparotomy. so the pathologist examines these specimens for possible cancer cells.


noninvasive methods:

intestine radiograph

intestine radiograph

  • Upper gastrointestinal radiograph

The patient is drinking a liquid to take a collection of radiological images of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine, .

Therefore the liquid is containing barium, which forms a coating on the inside of these three organs.

Specialists take Radiological images at different times of barium movement in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • CT ( Computer Tomography) Scan

Specialists are taking accurate and detailed images from inside the body from different angles.

Specialists are taking These images from a person’s body with the help of connecting a computer to a radiology device.

So Sometimes they give a pigment orally or inject it to make body tissue appear well in the pictures.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI

MRI uses magnetic fields, radio waves, and computers to take accurate pictures of the inside body small intestine.


Our friendly recommendation:

So In conclusion about the diagnosis of small bowel cancer, an annual check-up is really helpful.

If there is a problem, you will find it out very soon so to do the special medication.

And for getting these services in Iran don’t hesitate to contact us.

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