Beauty has self-confidence with it. The more you smile, the more people are attracted to you. For an effective smile, you need to have beautiful teeth. When you are worried about something in your appearance, you will not feel comfortable with others looking at you. Everyone is very attentive to the beauty of their faces, but most often completely forget about their teeth and their role on their faces. An impressive thing that can attract many people is a confident smile. People like to come to you because of your warm and cordial approach, but a smile that is embarrassing will have a devastating effect on your relationships. To be confident when smiling, you need to have beautiful teeth. You certainly don't want to be one of those people who, when laughing, put their hands in front of their mouths to prevent their teeth from being seen. Teeth are lips protectors that their appearance can add or ruin a beautiful face. Teeth of good shape and size and proper distance, along with other components of the face, make a beautiful face and smile. In the complete absence of teeth, the upper and lower jaws are shortened and the lower parts of the face are not adjusted to the correct length, and the distance between the nose and the chin is also reduced. The lips become thinner and go inward. The cheeks are broken and the wrinkles are marked. The chin protrudes and rises. In this situation, one looks very old and his appearance no longer corresponds to his real age. Brushing your teeth can improve your health. If you have problems with your teeth, first get good oral hygiene, brush, and floss. Go to the dentist twice a year and eat healthy foods and vitamins. But in some cases for the better health or beauty of your teeth, it is best to ask the experts help. We (Azar Saman Karen) are honored to provide you with the best quality services and skilled Iranian dental practitioners who use new techniques to solve these problems at a very low cost.
At IHT, the best-qualified dentists and specialists offer you several affordable dentistry services that are very expensive in your own country to help you maintain healthy teeth. If you keep these benefits in mind, you will be more likely to make a good choice for your dentistry procedures.
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