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Chin Implant Surgery

chin implant surgery

Chin Augmentation

Prosthetic chin implantation is a minimally invasive, risk-free, alternative to genioplasty surgery in which the retracted chin is corrected and the appearance of the chin and neck is improved .If unwanted fat is accumulated in the neck, liposuction or neck lift may also be performed at the same time as the chin augmentation.
The chin implant is operated through a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin which is more recommended due to the lower risk of infection and side effects .The duration of this surgery is approximately less than two hours. Chin implant surgery is a cosmetic surgery performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia .It is an outpatient surgery and most patients can return to their daily activities after one week.
Viewing the results immediately after the operation is one of benefits of the chin implant surgery. Over time, the prosthesis will become smoother and show more natural results. The implanted prosthesis does not move, and within a month, the tissue is pulled around and takes the form of the implanted prosthesis. The implanted prosthetic material will gradually be covered with the main body tissues.

Chin implant surgery scar

If it is done through the mouth there isn’t any scar but if it is performed from under the chin the incisions of the surgery will become almost indistinguishable over time and they will be barely visible in the natural wrinkles beneath the chin.

Before surgery
At the initial consultation session, the doctor will talk to you about the procedure. Your medical records will be reviewed and you will be asked to have a thorough physical examination by the doctor and some tests will be performed to make sure you can get surgery. You will be asked to refrain from smoking in order to do the surgery safely and to achieve the desired results and if you smoke you should avoid smoking two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. The doctor will examine you after surgery (usually on the same day or the day after surgery). You should regularly visit your doctor after surgery.

The Surgery Day
1- Shower with antibacterial soap and wash your face again.
2- Do not use any makeup and do not apply any water-based or moisturizing, sunscreen or any other cosmetic product on your face. Also do not use perfume.
3- Do not wear any clothing that you have to wear on or off your head. Front-end clothing, such as button-down, is a better choice, as well as comfortable pants and shoes. You can wear a scarf or a hat after surgery to cover your appearance.
chin implant surgery

How the chin implant surgery is performed?

Chin implants are made of silicone or other materials. Most doctors prefer silicone prostheses for ease of implantation, low chin prostheses complications and excellent results.
The chin implant surgery is performed as follows: first a small incision is made under the chin or inside the mouth and space is made under the chin muscles. The chin implant is then inserted into this space and fastened to the bone. Whether the cut is in the mouth or under the chin, it will improve .
The incision under the chin will give the surgeon a better vision and possibly less pain for the patient. Chin implant surgery may be difficult when using longer implants that gradually become narrower to the sides of the chin.
The incision in the mouth involves working around the nerves that make the lips to sense, and stretching or injuries to these nerves are much more uncommon in cuts under the chin. Bacterial contamination should also be reduced in any type of surgery to avoid infection problems and cutting under the chin will also reduce this risk.

Postoperative care

Rest immediately after surgery. Keep your head as straight as possible to minimize swelling and discomfort. Place 2 pillows under your head. If you have nausea, lie back and do not move. Any nausea should be eliminated by the morning after facial plastic surgery. If you are feeling well, you can eat a little food and drink to provide your body with fluids. You can use the toilet if needed with the help of others. Do not use water or other cosmetic products on your face after surgery. Lightweight activities will not hurt you.
Chin implant surgery is somewhat more painful than other common facial plastic surgeries. Use antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed by your doctor. Painkillers should not be taken with an empty stomach, as it may cause nausea and vomiting. Ask your companion to give you the pain medication at the right time and / or record the amount and duration of use of the drug in writing. If you do not have pain, you do not need to take pain medication, but you should complete your antibiotic course . Do not drive while taking pain medication.

Final words :

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