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arm lift surgery
When patients are unhappy with their arms, they usually say two things: first, their upper arms skin is loosen and drooping and their arms are too big due to excess fat. Many women say that it is very uncomfortable for them to wear sleeveless blouses and that it is difficult to find the right fit because of the size of their arms and that they often have to buy a larger size. If this is your concern as well, you may want to consider having a cosmetic surgery.

What is the Brachioplasty or the Arm lift Surgery?

A Brachioplasty (an arm lift) is a surgical procedure that makes upper arm thinner and tighter by removing its excess fat and skin.
Brachioplasty (arm cosmetic surgery) is performed to remove excess fat and excess skin of the arms in order to make arms look thin which is possible through:
• Liposuction or remove excess fat from the area
• Direct removal of excess skin on the upper arm
This is done to remove a significant amount of excess fat and skin on the upper arm, which extends from the elbow to the armpit.
arm lift surgery

Suitable candidates for arm lift surgery

Generally, candidates for arm lift surgery include those with the following conditions:
• Adults who suffer from severe upper arm skin laxity.
• Adults of all ages with relatively stable weight (not overweight).
• People who are in good health and do not suffer from diseases that increase the risk of delay in recovery and complications from surgery.
• People who do not smoke.
• People who have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the results of arm lift surgery.
arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery consists of several steps, which are as follows:


Sometimes this procedure is done with sedation and local anesthesia, which numbs only arms area when anesthetic drugs are injected or rubbed into the arm to make you feel comfortable during the procedure, other times it takes place under general anesthesia.


The length and shape of the cuts that occur during arm lift surgery depend on the amount and position of the extra skin that needs to be removed, as well as the opinion of the plastic surgeon performing your operation.
Usually cuts occur on the inside or behind the arm. The exact location of these incisions depends on the physician's experience and may extend from the armpit to the elbow. Excess fats can also be removed directly through incision or liposuction.Smaller cuts on the arm may occur if your specific conditions allow. After the incisions are made, the underlying skin supporting tissues are stretched and fixed by the internal sutures in their new position. In the end, the skin is stretched and closed on the arm that has now taken on a new form.

cuts in the inner part of the arm

The cuts on the skin of your arm will be closed by absorbable sutures or regular sutures that are removed one to two weeks after surgery.
After brachioplasty, a small, narrow tube is inserted under the skin to drain blood or fluid from the skin. In the recovery and repair period, to reduce swelling caused by arm lift, the arms are dressed and covered with bandages or a tight covering.

Postoperative care of brachioplasty

A few days after the operation, pain may be due to the bandage and tube placed by the surgeon for the arm discharge, which can be tolerated with painkillers. Often the day after surgery, the doctor removes the bandage and tube.
After surgery, rest your hands as much as possible and avoid strenuous exercise.

Results of arm lift surgery

The first effects of a shapely, elongated arm resulting from your arm lift surgery can be seen immediately after your surgery. Of course, these initial results will be accompanied by a bit of swelling and bruising at the arm site, and a scar remains at the site where the incision was made. However, it is expected that arm lift surgery is associated with good and satisfactory results.
The results of arm lift surgery will be extremely durable, as long as you maintain your body weight and fitness. As your body gets older, it is natural to lose some of its vitality, but much of the results of arm lifting will be relatively permanent.

Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

• Attractive body shape
By modifying the shape of the arms, the whole body also improves. In addition, arm lift surgery can be combined with other surgeries to make the body look more beautiful and healthy.
• Improving physical conditions
By removing excess fat and excess skin, the weight of the arms will be lighter and easier to move. In fact, after arm lift, patients feel lighter and more motivated to do more exercise, since their large, heavy arms will no longer be an obstacle to their physical activity.
• More clothing options
By doing arm lift, people can have many more choices for their favorite clothing and apparel. In this situation, not only will it be much easier for them to find the right clothes, but they will also enjoy shopping for different clothes such as shirts, coats, jackets and blouses.
• Strengthen confidence
After arm lift surgery, the skin around the arms becomes tighter. As a result, you will have better shaped arms, more athletic figure, and your confidence will increase.
arm lift surgery

Cost of arm lift surgery

The costs of arm lift surgery can vary greatly. The salary of the surgeon is also determined by his experience, the type of practice he performs, and the geographical location of his work.
But you can safely dedicate your surgery to I.H.T and get the best service at the lowest cost.

Author:Maryam Shiani

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