Artisan and Artiflex implantation

The vision problem of patients with severe hyperopia or myopia or with insufficient corneal thickness for laser correction, can be corrected by applying a special intraocular lens to the refractive error without removing the normal lens of the eye.
This action, because the natural lens of the eye remains intact, maintains the matching power of the eye, and those who have not reached the Presbyopia age will have good close vision in addition to good vision. In doing so, by making a very small incision in the cornea, a subtle lens is inserted in front of the normal lens of the eye to correct myopia or hyperopia.
Types of lenses
  • 1- Lenses installed between the cornea and the iris (Artisan - Artiflex)
    Lens implantation is a complete surgery in the operating room, but there is no need for hospitalization before and after lens implantation. After anesthesia, usually performed under general anesthesia, by incision in the cornea, insert the intraocular lens into the anterior chamber in front of the patient's main iris and lens, and then the incision is finely stitched. After 4 to 6 weeks, the sutures are removed. A few days after surgery, the patient may feel slight pain, and the patient's final vision will be delayed after the sutures are removed. The Artisan lens also has a foldable variant called Artiflex, which is inserted through a smaller incision into the eye and does not require stitches.
  • 2- ICL Lenses
    The ICL lens is another type of collapsible lens that is inserted into the eye without stitches. But the lens is placed in the posterior chamber on the patient's lens.
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