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Azar Saman Karen ( آذر سمن کارن ) company has established its medical tourism department in 2018, under the name of IHT. Azar Saman Karen company was established in 2014 in the field of importing and exporting products such as petrochemicals, medical equipment, tiles, foods,…. After establishing a sister company in the east of Africa, specially in Kenya by the name of Empire Wolves, and studying the feasibility of Health and medical tourism, AzarSamanKaren decided to help people around the globe that are suffering from long waiting list or lack of medical knowledge or very high prices or low-quality medical services,…. With stepping toward the medical tourism industry, IHT the first brand of Azar Saman Karen company in the health and medical tourism industry has consisted of the best ones in the medical of Iran and the best ones such as hotel translators,…. In the travel of Iran. For the health and medical side of the health and medical tourism industry iht.health one of the Azar Saman Karen’s brands in health and medical tourism is proudly achieved the certification of Iran health ministry for facilitating health and medical tourism. And for the travel side of health and medical tourism, our travel company under the name of Asemaneh Safar Keihan that are verified and certified by the Iran ministry of tourism, with the professional experts is ready to plan the best travel schedule and itinerary for you. In this way, Azar Saman Karen company is honored to achieve ISO9001-2015 from IGS company as a standard health and medical tourism facilitator. Our vision in IHT. Health as a small part of the health and medical tourism industry in the world is helping all the people to achieve their health and wellness. Our mission in iht.health as a small part of the health and medical tourism industry in the world is to create your own hospitality for the best medical travel experience with the best memories and experiences for you. Our team will do all your travel, medical, and therapeutic work in the best possible way so that you can ultimately achieve your desired peace of mind.

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