About us

About us

IHT.HEALTH is Azar Saman Karen’s company health Department, which has started its activities since 2014. Our team consists of the best specialists in medicine and best of the tourism in Iran. The goal of our team is to help you create the best memories and experiences for you. Leave us yours.

The overall process of your travel and treatment : At first you submit your request through the site or our representatives in your country. Then we refer your request to our medical specialist team, or you can contact with our medical team Directly to submit the medical document. At the same time our professional tourism team will design your travel plan according to your interests. After getting the hospital, hotel and ticket approved, our expert who is the coordinator of your work in Iran that spoke in your preferable language will contact you within 72 hours and will explain you all the details of your travel. After all, our company will prepare an invoice for you and will start to get the visa. After obtaining your electronic visa code, you can pay in below ways:

  • Paying Directly through our international account
  • Paying through our representative account in your country
  • Paying through the introduced exchanges from the company
  • Paying cash after entrancing to Iran
After choosing one of the payment methods you are all set, and your expert and translator will explain everything to you. Your payment receipt will send you through the following methods :

  • Through your User Panel
  • By email
  • Send from WhatsApp, Viber, ...
  • Receiving directly from a representative
  • Send a request for receipts to central company and deliver it via DHL

We want to help you get the best medical outcome, having the best travel experience and spending the best days in cities of Iran. Even when you return to your country, our expert will continue to be in touch with you and will monitor your recovery, if there was a problem you would come back to Iran at our expense. We will fix the problem or you will be referred to doctors in our representative in your country.

Note: The cost of designing package depends on the hospital, treatment center and medical equipment you will choose. Also, the cost of your travel may be different depending on the hotel and airline you will choose, And the cost of getting visa.

Another important point is that your personal information will be in secret. For more information, give us a call or contact us online.
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