Hair Transplant

When a person suffers from baldness or severe hair loss due to traumatic or genetic damage, there is no better way than to transplant hair Hair transplantation was first introduced in 1939 by the Japanese physician "Dr. Okuda" and later in 1959 by the German physician "Dr. Orentreich". Over the years, different ways and techniques have been tested, and finally, today, with the use of new technology, smaller batches of hair (Micro grafts) are used, which results in a satisfying, natural look. A subject that until recently was difficult to imagine is now has become one of the easiest outpatient surgeries based on a harvest of the individual's healthy hair roots and implantation at the individual's desired locations. Nowadays, two "FUT" and "FIT" methods are among the most common hair transplantation techniques that you can choose the best one for yourself with the advice of your doctor. In the case of hair transplantation, the individual hair being transplanted is removed from the back of the head or part of the body, and then the follicles are separated one by one using a microscope and special loops. They are bonded with the same precision, that is separated in the recipient region by making cuts of one millimeter. The body does not react badly to these hair transplants, which is basically the advantage of natural hair transplants. Given that a transplanted organ is made from one's own body, there is no need for very specific maintenance. If you are careful in choosing an experienced doctor, it can be done so delicately and precise that only a thin line remains from the procedure. In each task, the agent plays an important role. In the process of hair transplantation, the more specialized your doctor is, the better your hair transplant will be: Therefore, the first important step is to find an experienced and confident surgeon to get the desired cost as well as time for the surgery to get the desired and satisfactory result which we are able to help you with since Iran has many talented doctors in this field which by implementing the best methods at the cheapest price are able to present you with the best results, so please contact us (Azar Saman Karen).
If you have a little or no hair on the scalp and/or eyebrows and/or you’d like to grow a full beard and looking for a treatment, IHT has some special treatments for you. Here we help you achieve your goals in the exact right way that you have in your mind.
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