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January 11, 2020
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brazilian butt lift
Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, it means transferring body fat to the hip area. In this butt shaping procedure, first excess fat from your body, especially the waist, lower back and thighs is removed by using liposuction , then it is purified and injected into the butt lastly, incisions of liposuction and fat transfer are closed up with stitches . Many patients take the opportunity to remove abdominal fat as well. The result is a thinner body with a fuller and more prominent butt. The feel and appearance of your hips will be more natural than silicone implants.
Also, since your body fat is used, the likelihood of it being rejected is virtually zero and it is completely matched with your body.

Why Brazilian butt lift ?

Butt lifting is done to lift and tighten the hips by removing excess fat. This improves the shape, volume and height of the butt.
Loose skin and wrinkles of the butt can also be removed by tightening and stretching the skin of the buttocks. Butt lifting can be performed alone or in conjunction with other surgeries such as butt prosthesis.
30 to 60 percent of the injected fat will be absorbed into the body so you have to have about 10 to 15 kilograms of fat in the different areas of your body ,three times the amount we want to inject into the butt, to be a suitable candidate for the Brazilian hip lift. How much fat remains after surgery depends on how your post-operative care and body system, including the butt structure model are, and how much space your hip has for fat injection. The lower the pressure on the fat and the more space for fat injection, the longer the fat in the butt will last. If you do not have adequate fat reserves, other ways to shape your butt such as a prosthesis and implant can be considered.

How is recovering from a Brazilian hip lift practice?

After injecting fat into the hip, be careful not to put any pressure on the hip because the fat needs to adapt to the new environment and the blood vessels must grow inside the fat to keep the fat alive. During this period of about a month, you should not sit on your hips and lie down. If you have a job that doesn't require sitting after a week, you can go back to your work or else plan a one-month take a leave of absence because you shouldn't sit on your butt for more than 10 minutes. You have to avoid intense activities as well.

Costs of the surgery :

It starts from 1700 $ which is much cheaper than most countries while in Iran this procedure is performed by skilled surgeons .contact us for further questions and get free advice from our top-notch physicians.
brazilian butt lift

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