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We will help you throughout your visa process, our Specialists and lawyers will do all the paperwork and get your visa in the shortest time. No worries then just pack your bags!

AccommodationOne of the most important features of traveling is relaxation. we know around better than anyone else and we believe higher quality doesn't always mean a higher price.

TransferTransfer and entrance are some of the most important elements of a satisfying journey. we will set your mind free of the transportation issues and navigation.

Interpreter and CompanionTravel is our Specialty. we believe Travel Brings Health and we will try our best to bring this health in a memorable way. A team include most experienced Interpreters and Companions.

Interpreter and CompanionWe are here to provide anything that makes you feel like home. Optional Facilities like 4G Simcard with internet data, Exchange Money with online rates and etc.


Why “IHT.health” is the best Health Tourism facilitator in Iran?

For answering this question better, we should look at the history of the ASK group. AZAR SAMAN KAREN company (ASKco) was established in October 2014 with specialist members in different fields to create unique sense of innovation, most experienced and most professional advisors including well-known businessmen, physicians and marketing specialists joined this group to help them attain better and more dedicated results. ASKco has established branches in other countries like Germany, Indonesia, Canada, Kenya, Turkey, and the UAE to expand its market more than before.
Azar Saman Karen company started its career with two main field Health care and energy and it continued to expand by adding new areas like food, construction, and tourism. In late 2017 one of the most talented advisors recommend other members to establish Health Tourism Department in ASKco, this was just the beginning which led to establishing “IHT. Health” in 2018 and “ASK MEDICAL TRAVEL” under the new company of ASK group which is ASEMANEH SAFAR KEIHAN in 2019.


February 20, 2020
hot spring

Iran Hot springs

 Iran hot spring where you can enjoy is one of the things that can put Iran on the list of […]
February 19, 2020
liver transplant

How is a Liver Transplant Surgery Performed and What Happens During and After the Operation?

Liver transplant usually takes between 6 to 12 hours. During the transplant, surgeons remove the patient’s liver and replace it with a donor liver. Since […]
February 17, 2020
liver donor

Liver Transplant Donation Process

Where does the liver used in the transplant come from?  Two types of liver transplant are:  –  Deceased-donor – Living donor               Liver transplant from deceased–donor  In […]